Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesdays exams

I hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend, and for those of you not in the States I hope you had a good regular weekend too!

I took my first test today in Accounting I.  I was soo nervous because it was the first exam I've taken in a million years, so it felt like.  As soon as I received my exam my mind went blank.  *POOF*   Not good.  I read over the test and it started to come back to me.  Debit=Credits.  The increase side of an account is the normal side.  *WHEW*  In my blur I even answered some questions wrong, luckily I was smart and went back over the test twice after completing it.  I'm hoping for an A, but I'll take a B.  I hope at the next exam my mind won't choose that moment to go blank.  :P

I don't have any pictures for today.  Sorry.  Maybe I will go take a pic in the restroom, even though I detest those toilet photos....LOL!  No offense to anyone.
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