Wednesday, May 25, 2011

OOTD Wearing Polyvore Creations!

It's funny, I created this outfit for someone else before I even owned the Seamingly Maxi skirt.  Today, I am wearing the outfit I created but with a different belt.  I tried it with the Crossroads Belt in black, the original one I used for my Polyvore set, but the colors of the belt didn't really work together as well as I had hoped.  I added a belt that I had from The Limited and voila I'm ready for a warm spring or summer day!

Add a cardigan and I'm ready for work!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Corso Como Emerald Isle Sandal Pic!

They are here, my Corso Como Emerald Isle sandals from Anthropologie!  I couldn't even wait to get home before I put them on.  Here is a quick pic of what they look like.  They fit TTS for me, even though the left ankle strap is a wee bit loose compared to the right strap.  I don't have as much toe room as pictured because my feet are propped up.  These are definitely the most comfortable 4" wedges that I've ever worn.

OOTD Not just an Anthro girl!

I don't always wear Anthropologie, in fact a month or two before I started this blog, I didn't wear much at all.  The girls on the Authentic Forum got me into Anthropologie, seeing all the pretty, feminine clothing really made me want to incorporate that girly look into my my own.  This outfit is more of a past look for me, but it's still me.  I've loved black and greys most all of my life, though I have really been trying to veer from them to include more color in my wardrobe.  So, a brief look into the past me...a look I don't really have to put much thought into.  LOL!

  • C&C top
  • The Limited Jeans
  • Tag+ Jeans

Miz Mooz Camelot Sandal Purchase!

Hautelook had a sale today for Miz Mooz shoes!  My friend Veronica showed me this lovely brand one day at work a month or so ago, and I've been waiting patiently for a sale since then.  They have such cute styles and their shoes come in lovely, bright colors like red, royal blue, and yellow.  If you missed the sale at Hautelook, you can buy most of their styles at Infinity Shoes.

I bought the Miz Mooz Camelot Sandal in grey even though I originally wanted the green.  Seeing how I just purchased the Corso Como Emerald Isles, I knew I didn't really need two pair of green shoes.  I think I can make the neutral light grey sandal work in my wardrobe...besides they were 50% off!  The Camelots have a really cute flowery detail along the toe strap and the footbed with blue highlights.  I hope the stretchy ankle straps aren't uncomfortable as they were one of the unique details about this shoe that I fell in love with.  I know I'm supposed to be downsizing, but I couldn't resist this purchase.  I can't wait to get them!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

OOTD Graceful Drape Top, Board Room Trousers and Downsizing...

I didn't participate in any of the shopping bans that I've recently read about on other blogs like Anthroholic, but I think it's time for my own ban.  I looked in my closet today, to begin my mission to make space for my fiance to move into my condo in 2 months.  I've known for quite some time that I don't have any extra room in my closet, my long dresser or my tall dresser...even under the bed.  I have so many things that I do wear, other things I sometimes wear and then there are those things you keep for either sentimental purposes or because maybe they'll come back into style.  I think the standard measure regarding whether to keep an article of clothing is if it has been worn in the past 1-2 years.  I have many things that I have not worn, but at the same time I'm not ready to let go.  For exampe, my son is 5 years old and I'm still holding onto his Onesies because I remember when he wore them, how cute he was in them, but he's never going to wear them again.   Memories.

Now that I know I have to get rid of some of the old to bring in the new, how do I start?  I wonder what to get rid of and what should I do with it?  Do I try to sell it on Ebay or here on my own blog?  Do I donate it to Goodwill or another worthy cause?  The thought of this clothing purge has got me stressed out.  I have even contemplated turning my small master bathroom into a walk-in closet instead of trying to make space in my own closet and jumbled drawers.  I must be more like my dad than I think, he collects everything. 

During my mission today, I managed to put one pair of shoes in the box...just one.  See it isn't just clothing that I need to downsize, it is also shoes loves.  I'm sooo in trouble and I've got two months to figure out how to whittle away some of my wardrobe.   One item many more to go.

So into closet shopping I will go, perhaps when I figure out what I do wear it will be easier to decide what to keep and what to finally...let go.

  • Anthropologie Graceful Drape Top (S)
  • Anthropologie Board Room Trousers (0)
  • Seychelles Watching the Clock
  • Jewelry by my mom

Anthro Tag Sale Purchases!

I know everyone was excited about Anthropologie's TAG sale.  I dared to not physically go to the store to see what got marked down, this was too tempting for me.  I didn't even stay up late Monday night into Tuesday to see the sale go live.  I hoped that the things I might have wanted would get snatched up immediately leaving my wallet full and happy.  When I did finally check out the sales online around noon on Tuesday, only one item pulled at my heartstrings.  The Corso Como Emerald Isle Wedges (here).  Green is my favorite color and I've been on the search for a pair of lovely green shoes.  Sorry Miz Mooz, you just didn't have a sale soon enough. 

 Emerald Isle Wedges

Monday, May 16, 2011

Anthropologie TAG Sale!

Not only is there a sale this Tuesday, but it's the Anthropologie TAG sale!  I've never participated in one, and I was so excited.   But my excitement quickly fizzled, as I searched through participating stores, to find that my local Anthro wasn't on the list.  My wallet will be happy, hopefully they'll have similary marked down items online.  

Saturday, May 14, 2011

OOTD Sea Pairing Cowlneck and Seamingly Maxi Skirt

Is it just me or does it look like I should be on a cruise ship wearing this outfit. Now wouldn't that be just divine!

Friday, May 13, 2011

OOTD Shifting Buttons Skirt

I've decided that my I-phone takes really crappy pictures.  Most of them turn out too orange and fuzzy, so I'm back to using just my camera.  I've been lazy lately and haven't been using my Tripod, but between work, being a single mom, and everything in between I like to save time where I can.  I am envious of several bloggers and all the beautiful pictures I see them post out in flowery fields or next to some cool architecture.  One day perhaps I'll get a little more involved in my photography.

Today's outfit!  I probably should have worn a belt, but you know I just didn't feel like it today.  I do love this skirt, it is so comfortable and fun!  Another bonus is that it doesn't blow up in the wind, showing off my undergarments, like some of the other shorter flowing skirt that I own.  I know Marilyn Monroe pulled it off, but somehow I just don't think it would be the same.  ^_^

  • Target Mossimo tee
  • Anthropologie Shifting Buttons skirt (2)
  • Secyhelles Watching the Clock Sandals

    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    Anthropologie Fitting Room Pics 5/11/11

    My monthly Anthroplogie trip fitting room pics!!!  I love going to Anthro, it is one of my favorite things to do if I have a couple hours to spare.  So without further adieu...

    This Plenty by Tracy Reese dress was really soft and comfortable.  It was a bit roomy for an XS, so this definitely runs big...size down if you can.  I liked the fit, but didn't love the print.

    My favorite color is green, so naturally I'm attracted to anything green.  The dress is silk and very flowy and pretty.  For me silk isn't very wearable with a 5 year old, so unless it went on sale I wouldn't buy it.  I didn't see this on the website, but when I do it is going on my wishlist.

    I'm trying new things, especially with color and patterns.  I have the Loosened Shelby in blue and I thought I would try the yellow also.  I like the yellow and I think it suits me more because it complements my skin tone.  I thought I'd try pairing the shirt with the Ackee skirt.  There is a lot of print going on here for me in this outfit, yet I like it.  I didn't end up getting the skirt because I found one I liked more, but the Loosened Shelby is mine! 

    I love long skirts and long dresses, everything is long on me at 5'4".  It seems the longer the item, the more I like it,  but then again most long things are too long for my 30.5" inseam.  This skirt was the perfect length to wear with just a slight heel.  I think I like it paired with the blouse too.  This skirt came home with me.

    Loosened Shelby in Yellow (2) and Seamingly Maxi (XS)

    Another thing I love is strapless tops or dresses.  They don't always love me though.  The dress is really cute, and I love the fun stripes and bold spring colors.  The fit was perfect except for when I lifted my arms the top fell down about 1/2" which gave me the dreaded armpit fat.  LOL!  Not a keeper for me.

    Butterflies are my thing, I have one tattooed on my back.  I love the strapless with the combination of the butterfly print.  This dress fit me perfectly.  Unlike the above dress, the top did not come down when I raised my arm.  Wishlisted and a possible full price purchase. o.O

    Butterfly Net Dress (2)

    Now here is an interesting dress.  It's cute, strapless with muted neutral colors and lace trim on the bottom of the skirt.  There is boning in the bodice, but the back is strange to me.  It ties in the back, and for the life of me I just could not get it tied properly by myself.  So unless you have someone to help you get dressed, other than a 5 year old, I say get it.  I could have gone down to a 0 in this dress so I'd say it runs a bit large.

    Sky Stories Dress (S)

    I've seen this top on several bloggers and I always thought it was so cute.  I'm not particularly fond of stripes, though I do try and like them sometimes.   This top just did not wow me.  Even though this fit TTS, I left it in the store. 

    A-Bit-Unruly Top in Green (S) 

    I'm not sure why I picked up this top at first.  The shape didn't look very appealing on the hanger, but I loved the bright sherbet orange color.  Upon trying it on, I really liked this top.  The sleeves are kind of like the Neo-Refinement Sweater in how the bottom of the shirt rises up if you lift your arms.  Fit TTS to a bit big.  This stayed in the store, but it is on my wishlist.

    Slouched Raglan Scoopneck in Orange (S) and Seamingly Maxi (XS)

    Anthother green piece I had to try on.  Not only is it my favorite color, but one of my favorite neckline shapes...cowlneck.  I really liked this top, but I didn't love it.  It fit TTS.  Wishlisted for now.

    Seamed-Shaped Cowlneck-Green (S) and Seamingly Maxi (XS)

    I have to say this top really surprised me.  The print isn't something I would typically wear.  On the hanger the top just looked really bulky.  Wearing it was another story, such a flattering fit.  There is elastic in the waist so it cinches close to your body.   I think it really compliments my figure.   I also like how it doesn't appear boxy even though it is a tunic.  Fit TTS to a bit big.

    Penthesilea Tunic in Blue Motif (XS) 

    The last jacket I bought at Anthro was the Active Duty Anorak.  At first glance it was rather plain, but looking forward I've gotten so much use out of that jacket.  The Lyonia jacket was love on the website, love on the hanger, and more love worn.  I took this home with me.  I got it in a 2 even though I could've worn a 0.  I like my jackets to fit a bit big to accommodate any bulkier clothing items like a sweater or cardigan.

    I've seen the Decade-by-Decade skirt all over the place on other bloggers.  I thought it looked really cute on them, but not for, not really.  However, when I tried it on it was just another love story.  I bought this in a 0 because it was the last one in the store, even though I typically wear a 2 in high waist skirt.  It fit snugly on my waist, but not uncomfortably.   I would say this runs a bit big.

    Loosened Shelby in Yellow (2) and Decade-by-Decade skirt (0) 

    The Washi Skirt!  I have the Washi in orange so I had to try on the black print just because I love the orange.  I would say this version runs more TTS than the orange.  I tried on my usual size 2 and it fit perfectly.  Wishlisted.

     Loosened Shelby in Yellow (2) and Washi Wrap Skirt in Black Motif (2)

    I had to try on this strangely unique, scarfy, cowlneck shirt when I saw it.  It was love again.  The cowlneck consists of two long pieces of fabric that you can arrange around your neck however you like.  I didn't have much time after getting home from Anthro to try to style it other ways, so this is actually how I wore it to work.  Love it!

    Sea Pairing Cowlneck in Green Motif (XS) and Seamingly Maxi (XS)

    All in all, I came home with the Loosened Shelby in Yellow, the Decade by Decade Skirt, the Seamingly Maxi, the Sea Pairing Cowlneck and the jacket.  I honestly could have bought everything I tried on except that one dress with the tie back.  It was the only thing I really didn't love.

    The Love-Hate Relationship with My Hair!

    I'm one of those spontaneous kind of people, though whimsical would probably be a better word.  I make rash decision sometimes, and when it comes to my hair, I often regret it.  I love my hair for a long period (no pun intended), then at some point I grow tired of it, and finally I drastically alter it.  So this time instead of chopping off 8 inches of luxurious locks, I decided to try bangs...again.  I'm still not sure how I feel about them.  Are they flattering?  Do they make my face look too round?  Are they overbearing?  Would a side-swept bang look better?  I'm so confused.  Perhaps, seeing pictures of myself with and without bangs will help me decide once and for all if I shall ever wear them again.  (If you'll notice, my style has become very Anthro as of late ^_^)

    Okay now that we have some pictures that I like of my hair without bangs, I'll post some with bangs.  If you scroll down a few posts you'll see some Anthro fitting room pics of me with bangs.

     So help me decide.  To bang or not to bang?

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    New purchases

    I picked up a few new pieces this last week.  The Simple Compositions Blouse went on sale, yippy...and I just had to have it.  I really wanted a simple button down shirt, like a man's shirt, but more fitted for a woman's frame.  I tried this on a month or so ago in a 2 and it fit beautifully.  Silly me forgot what size I tried on, and when I bought it online I purchased a 0.  The shirt fit a little tight in the armpit and chest area, so I'm exchanging it for the larger size and I'll post pics when it comes.

    I fell in love with the Loosened Shelby Blouse in the Blue Motif at first glance.  After seeing it on several people in fitting room pictures and other bloggers wearing the top, I knew I had to have it.   I have to iron this as it came quite wrinkly, so pics soon to follow!

    Do you ever have one of those items of clothing that you just can't find the right color of shoe to match it.  That is how I felt about the Fantastic Field Skirt.  I love the flower print, but I just didn't own any shoes that really brought out the skirt.  I'm hoping these are the shoes that will bring the Fantastic Field together into a blissful pairing.  I'm a little nervous about the fit because I know others have had problems with the ankle straps. As soon as I get these lovelies, again I say, I'll post some pics.

    I'm a member of a forum called the Authentic Forum. Several of us ladies fell in love with the Work Week Satchel.  As soon as I did it became quite difficult to find.  I have yet to call stores to get something charge sent (safer for my wallet), so I waited patiently for someone to see one in store or for someone not to love it.  Sure enough, someone on the forum decided the purse was too small for her, so she messaged me to see if I wanted to purchase it from her!  Thanks so much!!!  I haven't seen it yet in person, but it looks lovely in the photograph.  I can't wait to get it as I need a neutral colored purse, yes NEED, to go with my wardrobe.  Don't you just love the scarf tied on the handle!

    Monday, May 2, 2011

    Seamingly Maxi Outfit

    An outfit I created for a friend.  She asked what she could she wear with this cute maxi skirt and I tried to style it with things I already own.
    Seamless tank
    $24 -

    Seamingly Maxi
    $98 -

    Braided belt
    $20 -

    Sunday, May 1, 2011

    Washi Wrap Skirt Outfit!

    The Washi Wrap Skirt (2) has been a little love-hate piece for me. When I first tried it on at Anthropologie I really loved it, but I wasn't ready to pay full price.   Later, I found a great deal on Ebay and jumped on the BIN.  When I received the skirt it seemed to fit much more snug in the waist than I remember...maybe I've gained a few in the middle LOL. I contemplated selling it, but decided it was just to cute not to keep.   So, to sum it up for me the Washi skirt is a love-hate-love kind of thing.

    • Gypsy05 Tank
    • The Limited Cardigan
    • Anthropologie Crossroads Belt in Black Motif
    • Anthropologie Washi Wrap Skirt
    • Seychelles Watching the Clock Sandals
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