Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Love-Hate Relationship with My Hair!

I'm one of those spontaneous kind of people, though whimsical would probably be a better word.  I make rash decision sometimes, and when it comes to my hair, I often regret it.  I love my hair for a long period (no pun intended), then at some point I grow tired of it, and finally I drastically alter it.  So this time instead of chopping off 8 inches of luxurious locks, I decided to try bangs...again.  I'm still not sure how I feel about them.  Are they flattering?  Do they make my face look too round?  Are they overbearing?  Would a side-swept bang look better?  I'm so confused.  Perhaps, seeing pictures of myself with and without bangs will help me decide once and for all if I shall ever wear them again.  (If you'll notice, my style has become very Anthro as of late ^_^)

Okay now that we have some pictures that I like of my hair without bangs, I'll post some with bangs.  If you scroll down a few posts you'll see some Anthro fitting room pics of me with bangs.

 So help me decide.  To bang or not to bang?


  1. I am very pro-bangs. They look especially great in the last pic.

  2. I wish they looked like that all the time. Some days they look great, and others just meh. Hence the love-hate. LOL!


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