Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Anthropologie Fitting Room Pics 5/11/11

My monthly Anthroplogie trip fitting room pics!!!  I love going to Anthro, it is one of my favorite things to do if I have a couple hours to spare.  So without further adieu...

This Plenty by Tracy Reese dress was really soft and comfortable.  It was a bit roomy for an XS, so this definitely runs big...size down if you can.  I liked the fit, but didn't love the print.

My favorite color is green, so naturally I'm attracted to anything green.  The dress is silk and very flowy and pretty.  For me silk isn't very wearable with a 5 year old, so unless it went on sale I wouldn't buy it.  I didn't see this on the website, but when I do it is going on my wishlist.

I'm trying new things, especially with color and patterns.  I have the Loosened Shelby in blue and I thought I would try the yellow also.  I like the yellow and I think it suits me more because it complements my skin tone.  I thought I'd try pairing the shirt with the Ackee skirt.  There is a lot of print going on here for me in this outfit, yet I like it.  I didn't end up getting the skirt because I found one I liked more, but the Loosened Shelby is mine! 

I love long skirts and long dresses, everything is long on me at 5'4".  It seems the longer the item, the more I like it,  but then again most long things are too long for my 30.5" inseam.  This skirt was the perfect length to wear with just a slight heel.  I think I like it paired with the blouse too.  This skirt came home with me.

Loosened Shelby in Yellow (2) and Seamingly Maxi (XS)

Another thing I love is strapless tops or dresses.  They don't always love me though.  The dress is really cute, and I love the fun stripes and bold spring colors.  The fit was perfect except for when I lifted my arms the top fell down about 1/2" which gave me the dreaded armpit fat.  LOL!  Not a keeper for me.

Butterflies are my thing, I have one tattooed on my back.  I love the strapless with the combination of the butterfly print.  This dress fit me perfectly.  Unlike the above dress, the top did not come down when I raised my arm.  Wishlisted and a possible full price purchase. o.O

Butterfly Net Dress (2)

Now here is an interesting dress.  It's cute, strapless with muted neutral colors and lace trim on the bottom of the skirt.  There is boning in the bodice, but the back is strange to me.  It ties in the back, and for the life of me I just could not get it tied properly by myself.  So unless you have someone to help you get dressed, other than a 5 year old, I say get it.  I could have gone down to a 0 in this dress so I'd say it runs a bit large.

Sky Stories Dress (S)

I've seen this top on several bloggers and I always thought it was so cute.  I'm not particularly fond of stripes, though I do try and like them sometimes.   This top just did not wow me.  Even though this fit TTS, I left it in the store. 

A-Bit-Unruly Top in Green (S) 

I'm not sure why I picked up this top at first.  The shape didn't look very appealing on the hanger, but I loved the bright sherbet orange color.  Upon trying it on, I really liked this top.  The sleeves are kind of like the Neo-Refinement Sweater in how the bottom of the shirt rises up if you lift your arms.  Fit TTS to a bit big.  This stayed in the store, but it is on my wishlist.

Slouched Raglan Scoopneck in Orange (S) and Seamingly Maxi (XS)

Anthother green piece I had to try on.  Not only is it my favorite color, but one of my favorite neckline shapes...cowlneck.  I really liked this top, but I didn't love it.  It fit TTS.  Wishlisted for now.

Seamed-Shaped Cowlneck-Green (S) and Seamingly Maxi (XS)

I have to say this top really surprised me.  The print isn't something I would typically wear.  On the hanger the top just looked really bulky.  Wearing it was another story, such a flattering fit.  There is elastic in the waist so it cinches close to your body.   I think it really compliments my figure.   I also like how it doesn't appear boxy even though it is a tunic.  Fit TTS to a bit big.

Penthesilea Tunic in Blue Motif (XS) 

The last jacket I bought at Anthro was the Active Duty Anorak.  At first glance it was rather plain, but looking forward I've gotten so much use out of that jacket.  The Lyonia jacket was love on the website, love on the hanger, and more love worn.  I took this home with me.  I got it in a 2 even though I could've worn a 0.  I like my jackets to fit a bit big to accommodate any bulkier clothing items like a sweater or cardigan.

I've seen the Decade-by-Decade skirt all over the place on other bloggers.  I thought it looked really cute on them, but not for, not really.  However, when I tried it on it was just another love story.  I bought this in a 0 because it was the last one in the store, even though I typically wear a 2 in high waist skirt.  It fit snugly on my waist, but not uncomfortably.   I would say this runs a bit big.

Loosened Shelby in Yellow (2) and Decade-by-Decade skirt (0) 

The Washi Skirt!  I have the Washi in orange so I had to try on the black print just because I love the orange.  I would say this version runs more TTS than the orange.  I tried on my usual size 2 and it fit perfectly.  Wishlisted.

 Loosened Shelby in Yellow (2) and Washi Wrap Skirt in Black Motif (2)

I had to try on this strangely unique, scarfy, cowlneck shirt when I saw it.  It was love again.  The cowlneck consists of two long pieces of fabric that you can arrange around your neck however you like.  I didn't have much time after getting home from Anthro to try to style it other ways, so this is actually how I wore it to work.  Love it!

Sea Pairing Cowlneck in Green Motif (XS) and Seamingly Maxi (XS)

All in all, I came home with the Loosened Shelby in Yellow, the Decade by Decade Skirt, the Seamingly Maxi, the Sea Pairing Cowlneck and the jacket.  I honestly could have bought everything I tried on except that one dress with the tie back.  It was the only thing I really didn't love.


  1. I love everything you bought, and the Loosened Shelby looks great with the Decade Skirt! Thanks for the reviews. I am really interested in trying on the Seamingly Maxi.

  2. You pretty much pull off everything! I even like the dress you aren't so fond of. The green dress looks like the Spring Ready dress and is hopefully due for sale soon :)

  3. Thanks for the compliments LC and Soraya.

    I just looked at the Spring Ready dress and I'm not sure it is the same one. The green one came with a slip which I don't see on the navy one in the reviews.

  4. Here's Bonnie from Small Town Fashionista in it with some better pics. Looks like she has a green slip underneath like yours?


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