Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring is in the air!

I love Spring!  The warm weather after a very cold and snowy winter is definitely delightful.  We have had a couple weeks of spring like temperatures and I couldn't help but want to break out of my typical black and gray winter wardrobe into some bright colors.

My Miz Mooz boots, I love them so much already.  My fiance was a bit perplexed with the outfits I paired them with, I think he may have called them interesting and fashion forward.  I haven't tried the boots with anything but the only pair of cropped jeans I own.  I'd like to try them with a skirt or some dressy shorts.  I better wear them while I can, soon enough it will be too warm for boots...even ones as cute as these!

  • Anthropolgie Active Duty Anorak
  • VS Tube Top in Sprout
  • Seven for all Mankind Cropped Flynts
  • Miz Mooz Sandi Spring Boots

    Tuesday, March 22, 2011

    Miz Mooz, I Love You!

    Me today attempting to pair my new Miz Mooz boots with an outfit. I love these boots, they are so comfortable and the look is unique. They are a bit tricky to style. I think they'd be cute with a skirt, but I'm not sure I have the right one yet to go with them. I also bet they would pair well with some dressy denim shorts, which I don't own either. For today, I paired them with a tunic and some capris, which I rolled up because at the original length they hit just a few inches above the boots...it was not a good look. Post your opinions please. Thanks!

    • Anthropologie Geometer Tunic
    • SFAM Crop Flynts
    • Bakugan temporary tattoo (courtesy of my son)
    • Miz Mooz Sandi Spring Boots
    • My big boy <3
    • My Lulu Kung Fu Panda (He named her...LOL!) Notice she has one blue eye and one pink eye!

    Monday, March 21, 2011

    Outfits Galore

    I've been meaning to play around with some new pieces I purchased from Anthropologie because I always buy pieces never thinking of what I can put with it.  So as of late, I've been shopping consciously thinking ahead, "What would this go with"?  I picked up a few pieces at Target (cardigans and belts) to accent my outfits.

    This is what happens when you have a lot of spare time on your hand...no kid, no fiance.

    (T&B)Antrho Resonance tee and Fantastic Field skirt

    (T)Seychelles Watching the Clock (B)Seychelles Woodpecker

    (T)Anthro Changeable Skies Top, Anthro Layered in Slate skirt, Seychelles Woodpecker (don't think I like these together)

    (B)C&C Tank, Merona belt, Anthro Layered in Slate skirt, Seychelles Watching the Clock

    (T)Anthro Azure Pastures Tee, Mossimo Cardi, Merona Belt, Anthro Layered in Slate Skirt, Seychelles Password Pump

    (B)C&C Bold Tank, Mossimo Cardi, Merona Belt, SFAM Mercer Skirt, Seychelles Password Pump

    (T)Anthro Resonance tee, Merona Belt, Anthro Paint Swatch Skirt, Seychelles Round of Applause

    (B)Merona Cardi, Merona Belt, Anthro Sketch Book Skirt, Seychelles Round of Applause

    (T)Anthro Rise and Shine tee, Coach belt ($5 find at Savers!), Mercer Skirt, Anne Klein shoes

    (B)C&C Lace Burnout Cowl Keyhole Tank, The Limited Cardi, Merona Belt, SFAM DUF Dojos, Seychelles Round of Applause in Berry (you barely can see them)

    Okay outfitted out.

    Tuesday, March 15, 2011

    Splendid Things...

    I'm remembering back in my first couple of posts how I stated, "Oh, how I love boots"!  This pair of Miz Mooz caught my fancy and I just couldn't look away.  I love the cutout detailing on them, plus with the strap and buckle, it adds a little flair to make them unlike any boot I've ever seen or owned.  You have to love Amazon, there is typically a sale and somehow I always stumble upon something splendid.

    Splendid Things...
    Splendid Things... by JustChar featuring knee length denim skirts
    • Esprit skirt (for styling purposes only, I do not own it)
    • Miz Mooz Sandi Spring Boot in Cognac

    Monday, March 14, 2011

    Sketchbook Possibilities

    Ebay. What more can I say?

    There are so many wonderful finds, pages and pages, of new and sold out items to fill any heart's desires. Today, I found the Sketchbook Skirt from Anthropoligie at a price too low to resist. I fell for the colors in the skirt, a wonderful unique and retro print. This skirt will be a great spring and summer piece, adding a little flair to my wardrobe. I've styled with a few pieces not yet in my possession, but I have a feeling...

    • Anthropologie The Gathering Tank
    • Seychelles Watching the Clock
    • Anthropologie Sketchbook Skirt
    • Seychelles Round of Applause

    Give and Get is Here!

    Give and Get is Here!: "Enjoy 30% off from March 17-20 at Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy plus we'll make a 5% donation to a non-profit."

    Friday, March 11, 2011

    New Finds...

    I found this cute top on Ebay yesterday and decided to throw in a bid.  I haven't purchased anything on Ebay in at least a year and I was excited when I won!  I am surprised how much Anthropologie clothing is available on Ebay.  The prices are reasonable and seeing how Anthro sells out of a lot of their pieces rather quickly, you can often find them on Ebay.

    • Anthropologie Geometer Tunic
    • Seychelles Password Pump in Teal

    Test drive

    Outfit Sample
    I received my Layered in Slate Skirt, Fantastic Field Skirt, Resonance Cowlneck and Seychelles Woodpecker pumps in the mail yesterday...woo hoo!  Happily everything fit perfectly.

    I took a picture of the Layered in Slate skirt and the Seychelle pumps with a couple of tops I had with me.  I was staying at my fiance's house, so my top options were limited.  The skirt is wonderfully soft and hits me at just the right length so not to make me look stumpy LOL.  I went up a size because the Layered in Slate skirt fits on the waist.  I would wear this outfit, but I'd probably add a belt to accentuate my waist.

    I love the Seychelles Woodpecker pumps!  They fit TTS, even though the right shoe felt smaller, I know this is just because that foot is a little bigger.  :|

    • Michael Stars Shine Cardigan
    • C&C Bold Tank Top in Light Blue
    • Anthropologie Layered in Slate Skirt
    • Seychelles Woodpecker Pumps in Mustard

    Wednesday, March 9, 2011

    Outfit of the Day!

    I'm not usually a big fan of bathroom pictures, but in my hurried day I never found the time to take a picture at home.  I decided today to wear my pant suit, it is a few years old, but with any good pant suit you should be able to wear it for years.

    • Express Design Studio Jacket
    • Express Design Studio Pants
    • Anthropologie Speeding Panaromas Tank
    • Anthropologie Curves and Lines Belt
    • Frye Melissa, Melinda, Toby...oh I can't remember. ^_^

    Things to wish for...

    Tube top
    $118 - anthropologie.com

    Vintage blouse
    $118 - anthropologie.com

    Striped skirt
    $198 - anthropologie.com

    Seychelles mary jane pumps
    $95 - endless.com

    Tuesday, March 8, 2011

    Win a $100 Gift Card!

    The beautiful girls at "In Pursuit of Prettty Things" are offering a $100 Gift Card Contest!

    Go sign up or just check out their blog! 

    Things I can't wait to wear...

    • C&C California Tie Dye Maxi Dress in Cornsilk
      This is by far one of my favorite spring and summer dresses.  You just throw it on and voila...perfection.  At least it is in my fiance's opinion, thanks love.  I have it both in gray and peach.
        • C&C Seabreeze Tie-Dye Maxi Tank Dress

        This vest really surprised me.  It looks rather plain, but worn it has a lot of potential, whether layered or on its own.  The color is a heather brown.  I love the fit and how soft the fabric feels.  This was definitely an unexpected find on the sale rack.
          • Anthropologie Ramsey Vest (sold out) 

          I'm waiting patiently for this outfit.  I love the colors in the skirt.  This isn't my usual style, but I'm trying new things.  I'm trying to feminize my look more with skirts, dresses and pretty prints.

          • Anthropologie Resonance Cowlneck (This runs on the small side, I'm usually an XS in their tops, but since it is curve hugging and stretchy I went up a size.
          • Anthropologie Fantastic Field Skirt (Runs a bit small in my opinion.  However my waist isn't tiny after having my son, so if I buy anything that fits on my waist I typically go up a size.  I'm a 0 and I went up to a size 2.

          Shoes.  Where should I begin?  I have a love affair with shoes whether they are flats, pumps, sandals, peep toe or boots (oh, how I love boots)!  Finding a pair of shoes to go with the above outfit proved trying.  After inquiring with my friends over on the Authentic Forum, I decided to go with yellow.  This is really a color pop for me, I think I can pull it off.

          • Seychelles Woodpecker in Mustard

          Here is another outfit I can't wait to wear.  I found the skirt on the sale racks of Anthropologie.  I love the layers on it, how they make it flirty and feminine.  I purchased a tube top fromVS to go along with it.  In my mind they'll look great together, but in reality we will see if they compliment each other.  I'm sure Candace wears it better. :)

          • Victoria's Secret Bra Top Tube in Sprout
          • Anthropologie Layered in Slate Skirt (Runs on the small side for me.  It is another one of those skirts that sits on the waist.) 

          Rainy Days

          We've been teased here with Spring like days these past few weeks.  Winter still lingers and I'm ready for the cold to be gone.  Did the Groundhog see his shadow?  I missed it!  It is cold and rainy today which means it is a good day for a jacket.  I think I'm going to live in this new anorak I bought, it is fantastically easy to dress up or down.  Today, because of the weather let's go casual.  Please mind the hair, it tends to go AWOL on rainy days like today.

          Outfit of the Day

          My mom designs beautiful jewelry.  She sells it too!  This is one of her creations:

          • Anthropologie Active Duty Anorak
          • Michael Stars tee
          • Mom's necklace
          • Seven for all Mankind Mercer Flynts
          • Vincent Camuto booties

          Monday, March 7, 2011

          This is me.

          I would call my look simple, feminine, and also a bit funky.  I tend to wear a lot of black, white, gray and brown.  This spring I would like to incorporate more color into my wardrobe, more layers and a lot more Anthropologie.  :)

          Looks from the past into the present...

          One of my favorite looks from last summer.  This tube dress is made by Gypsy 05 and it is extremely comfortable and airy.  The dress is thick enough that you don't need a slip underneath it, and paired with a cardigan or heels can be dressed up for an impromptu dinner date.  

          • Gypsy 05 Cher Mini Dress in nickel 
          • Prada Fabric Rings Moon Tote (no idea if this is the actual name, but that is how it was listed on ebay)
          • Old Navy thongs 

          I found this dress in my new favorite city, New Orleans.  It is such a fun place for food and culture, but I have to say the shopping is terrible.  However, it was the first city I ever stepped foot into an Anthropologie and it was then that I fell in love.  The dress isn't Anthro though, in fact I don't even remember the brand...must have been one too many Corpse Revivers.  

            • Navy blue dress with zip 

            This winter I started to incorporate layers into my outfits.  Typical past outfits were very simple, calling only for a shirt and jeans.  As you can see above I've got on a tank, a cardigan and a belt on top of that.  I was so proud of myself for taking the leap to layer!  The whole day I felt like I had too much going on in my outfit, but I received a few compliments so I was pleased at my attempt.
              • The Limited Tank
              • Michael Stars Shine Cardigan
              • Vintage Belt from Mom
              • Tag+ jeans
              • Kensie boots
              • Lulu Kung Fu Panda

              Here is my latest creation:

              First off, this isn't my photographic potential being shown here in the above photograph.  I like to find a nice backdrop with some sunlight and take several shots at different poses until I find the right one.  This day the I-phone seemed like a lot less trouble.  Which reminds me looking at my bed...I really want that Ravena Quilt from Anthropologie.  I should head back to my local shop because I think I spied one there.

              • Anthropologie Poppy Options Cowlneck in Green Motif (sold out)
              • Anthropologie Curves and Lines Belt 
              • Anthropologie Active Duty Anorak 
              • Seven for all Mankind Green Crystal As in Caribbean

              The Journey Begins....

              Hi, I'm Char.  I'm on a journey to find the style that says "me".  I've played around with all kinds of looks in my 36 odd years.  I've been the heavy metal t-shirt girl, the ethereal hippy, the mod glam girl and the girl who used to only wear black.  I find now that I'm older I can take a little from each era and make it my own.  This a journal of my journey...and so it begins.
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