Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Miz Mooz, I Love You!

Me today attempting to pair my new Miz Mooz boots with an outfit. I love these boots, they are so comfortable and the look is unique. They are a bit tricky to style. I think they'd be cute with a skirt, but I'm not sure I have the right one yet to go with them. I also bet they would pair well with some dressy denim shorts, which I don't own either. For today, I paired them with a tunic and some capris, which I rolled up because at the original length they hit just a few inches above the boots...it was not a good look. Post your opinions please. Thanks!

  • Anthropologie Geometer Tunic
  • SFAM Crop Flynts
  • Bakugan temporary tattoo (courtesy of my son)
  • Miz Mooz Sandi Spring Boots
  • My big boy <3
  • My Lulu Kung Fu Panda (He named her...LOL!) Notice she has one blue eye and one pink eye!


  1. I LOVE this photo! First of all, that top & those boots are freakin' fantastic! It's cool how Lulu's eyes reflected one blue & one pink. I love both your sticker tats, little man's expression, and his Spidey socks. Oh, and I like how I can see my own photo in the back. :)

  2. Dear Miz Mooz,
    I covet and want.

    Dear Char,
    You are adorable, per usual. I think the sticker tattoo just adds to the badassery of this outfit.

  3. Thank you Mei and V for you sweet compliments. Funyy, I didn't notice Lulu's eyes right off, someone pointed it out to me...trippy.

    Miz Mooz is my new favorite brand V, I need more. This is not good. LOL!


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