Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Springing forward and moving onward!

I'm going to do some posting about spring, debt, new purchases, and perhaps a little spring cleaning too!  Okay, axe the latter.

Can you believe it has been almost 2 month since my last post?!?!  January 19th was my last post to be exact.  If you've forgotten who I am, hi everyone.  I'm Char!  I'm looking forward to the coming spring, minus the terrible allergies I've been having, because I love spring colors and cute little dresses.  I started this blog last spring inspired by the new plant life blooming and all things bright, warm, and happy.

I, probably just like most of you, receive a Hautelook email daily about current sale and coming sales.  For me, I either eagerly open the email or delete it sight unseen for fear of spending money.  A little history...I'm currently 4 months away from paying off all my credit card debt.  I've learned that shopping isn't good for my credit cards, nor the limited budget I've been on for AWHILE now.  Debt is one of the main reasons I've been away so long from the blog.  It's really, really hard for me to blog about clothing when I have nothing new to show.  However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  The closer I get to my goal of paying off all my credit card debt, the more cash flow I have to buy new things; I'll pay with cash of course.  That's right, no more credit.  Here is to my future...a cash only, spend thrifty, happy little spring place!

I think I got off topic a little, I do that sometimes.  My recent purchases from Hautelook:

Loveappella - Angle Maxi Skirt

 Loveappella - Strapless Maxi Dress

Bought this in gray too! 

Loveappella - Strapless Pocket Dress

I've also made a new purchase recently that doesn't fall into the area of fashion.  I definitely think it will affect my future fashion purchases and the need not to have to totally replace my wardrobe.   I recently quit smoking; I am three weeks tabacco free. Yay me!  However, in three short weeks I can already tell that I've been gaining a few pounds.  I could actually use 5 lbs because I've always been told that I'm too skinny.  Unfortunately for me any new weight I put on goes to all the wrong places.  Right now my extra weight is going to my tummy, and yes it is giving me the dreaded spare tire look.  Disgusting right?  I think so.  To battle the bulge I've purchased this contraption, so maybe now instead of just sitting around watching Netflix, I can step to it too!

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