Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dan Post Moon and Stars Boot

Dan Post Moon and Stars Boot


My last post on my blog was over two years ago. I think I lost my blogging edge, got too busy with life, or just perhaps wasn't sure where to go with it. First off, I decided to make Erato's Closet my own personal blog. For a long while I shared it with my friend Soraya and as things happen we both lost that blogging feeling. I've cleaned up the blog and now it is just my posts. 

Looking back through my blog, I am tickled at all the outfits that I modeled and purchased, because now I can't wear most of it. :-/ Here it is two years later and I'm 20 lbs heavier. I still have all those wonderful Anthropologie pieces sitting around in boxes, determined to either lose the weight or sell all of it. I haven't figured what I will do yet, but one thing I do know...marriage make me gain weight. I gained 20lbs during my first marriage, and then lost it during the divorce, but here I am again 20lbs heavier. I've asked my husband to divorce me so I'll be skinny again, but the answer is always no. (He loves me through thin...and thick). The thing is that I'm more comfortable in my own skin than I have ever been in my life. Yes, I could stand to lose several pounds and a few inches of belly jiggle, but that doesn't own me. I'm more concerned with being happy now, and I have to say other than a little fat, my life is great!  Cheers to blogging again!

Let's get to it...

I can't decide what to wear to my first country concert. My husband wants me to wear a cute dress with cowgirl boots, but I envision an all American tee with some cut off shorts and boots. However, I'm probably too old for short shorts anymore, so I'm trying to gear myself toward finding a comfy, yet stylishly sex country dress to go with these fabulous boots that I just purchased. The outfit is partly for me, but mostly for him. If he can go to dance clubs with me in NYC, then I can put on my western wear and have a "yee haw" time with him.  It's what you do.


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