Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sprightly Shirtdress Pic!

My Sprightly Shirtdress came in and I really do like it.  The fit of the size 2 is perfect for me, not too tight and not too loose.  The reviews on Anthropologie vary from fitting TTS to big and several recommended sizing down.  I think shirtdresses should be a little loose, kind of like wearing a man's button down shirt.  I think if I had gown down a size, it would have been too fitted for my liking...besides with button downs I never know if the girls are going to work.  I removed the ribbon sash that came with it, since it is a little flimsy and crinkled from shipping.  I decided to try the dress with the navy Crossroads Belt and I think they are a perfect fit.  I like the dress with a more substantial belt, it really pulls it together for me.  Now, I just have to figure out if I have shoes to go with it.  ^_^.

Which brings me to a question to ask the followers: Is it okay this day and age to wear different color shoes and belts?  The old me would always make sure I had wore black shoes with a black belt and brown shoes with a brown belt, etc.  The new me likes to mix it up and would wear the shirtdress with my navy Crossroads Belt and a neutral or even bright colored shoe.  What are your thoughts on mixing or matching colors with shoes, belts and purses.  Perhaps I need to go play on Polvore!  :)

Anthropologie Sprightly Shirtdress (still on sale here!)
Anthropologie Crossroad Belt in Navy Motif (similar here)

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