Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Summer Beauty Must Haves!

It's so sweltering here in Arkansas that when you step outside, you feel like your breathing inside a sauna.   Each year feels hotter than the past...perhaps all this climate change talk isn't just a myth :P  For Arkansas summers there is one must have beauty product that you absolutely can not, should not live without.  (That pretty much goes for everybody else in the world too!)


I really love Neutrogena sunscreens, but I love saving money even more.  Walgreens makes a good "compared to" version of Neutrogena's Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen.  It is a broad spectrum sunscreen that block both UVA/UVB know the ones that cause skin cancer and leathery skin.  This Walgreens version doesn't make my skin oily and it also doesn't clog my pores...yay!  Apply liberally and often!

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer

In the summertime lipstick just feels too heavy on my lips.  I love Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers because they glide on easily, are small & portable, and they feel weightless on my lips.  Definitely makes for a kissable mouth.  :)

Everyday Mineral Sunlight Finishing Dust

I love Everyday Minerals Makeup!  When the whole Bare Minerals craze came about, I was one of the many people who tried it, but I wasn't one of the many people that liked it.  I thought BM left my face too sheeny, which in turn made me look oily, plus it seemed to clog my pores.  The next mineral makeup I tried was Everyday Minerals and for me this was my HG makeup and I've used it every since.  You have to love their $5 Base Sample Kits, they send you five 1gm samples in different shades...a great way to find the color you need.  What was I supposed to be talking about, oh yes their finishing dust.  The Sunlight Finishing Dust is a great product for me to use in the summer.  I apply it once in the morning after applying my foundation and it keeps the oil gods at bay.  This is also great to apply if the oil gods have already visited you, it soaks the oil right up.   The Sunlight version is yellowish which helps to conceal redness and dark circles.  Winner for me!

All this talk about summer and humidity and you would think this would be the last must have beauty item on my list....

Baby Oil

Yes, I like that it is greasy, oily and makes me look shiny.  Even though my face leans toward the oily side, the rest of me tends to get crackled o.O  I love applying it right after the shower after having lightly toweled off.  It really is a great, cheap moisturizer and the smell of baby to me is just fantastically not overwhelming like some lotions.  I don't really have a favorite brand, but preferring a bargain I like saving a few with the "compared to" version like the one Walgreens offers.

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