Saturday, July 16, 2011

Verdant Slip Dress

Sorry I've been absent for awhile.  I've been trying to be good and not make any new purchases.  I haven't stepped foot in an Anthropologie since my last fitting room review post.  It has been hard, painful even....LOL!

Today, I broke my ban and bought the Verdant Slip Dress in the Blue Motif.  I really loved the original green motif version, but I thought the pale green might not look good with my skin tone.  I tend to wear darker colors better, so when I saw the blue version I was even more in love.  I can't wait to get it!  When I do receive it I'll post pics of it plus the Sangatte Slip Dress.

Verdant Slip Dress in blue motif


  1. I love the new blue motif...this one I might have to try on.

    It's funny, between the two of us, we now have all the Moulinette Soeurs slip dresses.

  2. Do you have the green one? :D

  3. Not yet, I try not to buy full price. I'm coming around to the seafoam green shade after I saw Tien (adiaphane) wear it but I think I might prefer this blue shade.


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