Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A girl needs new things...

I didn't want to combine wedding and new purchases into one post, so I'm making another post...two posts in one day!  Go me!  LOL!  I haven't purchased anything from Anthro in awhile because I've been trying to save money and pay off debt, but every once in awhile a girl needs new things.  When I saw this sweater dress I just had to purchase it, I love anything sweater.  I couldn't buy just the dress of course, I had to have things to pair with it. Here are my latest Anthro purchases:

My idea is to combine all three things I purchased into one outfit.  The gold sweater dress looked really cute with the grey tights in their catalog photo, so I thought I would try to recreate the same look.  I added a grey cardigan because it is winter and one can't run around sleeveless, not that it is even the slightest bit cold right now where I live.

1 comment:

  1. I like the color combination :) ...but I want to see pics when possible of course!


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