Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Anthropologie Fitting Room Pics

That time again for my monthly visit to Anthropologie post.  Yes, I said monthly because I don't think my wallet could handle more visits than that.  I know what my weaknesses are and I try to maintain control of them.  ^_^

This is what I wore to Anthropologie.  I thought I would post a pic of this top since I haven't yet.  This is an XS.

Cajoled Tank with Crossroads Belt in Black Motif

I really liked the detailing at the neckline of this top.  It's a bit sheer but I like that it's lightweight and would be good for hot summers.  I bought this in a S.  *Four days later I'm having second thoughts about my purchase.  I may return this top.  Undecided.

Time for Tea Shirt

I love this top.  I tried on a 2 and I think I could have fit into a 0 because it was a bit loose in the bust (32D) for me and the back is stretchy.  If they had a 0 for comparison, I might have bought it.  Wishlisted. 

Creased Swirls Corset Top

I know we've all seen this very popular sweater.  I've tried it on once before, but wasn't ready to drop $88 on it.  I love the asymmetry to this top, it is very unique.  Happily this was on sale for $39.95, but to me it felt really scratchy.  I have this terrible childhood memory of me wearing this yellow wool Polo sweater to school, without an undershirt, and barely being able to move or bend my arms for the fear that the woolly fibers would start scratching and itching me.  I know TMI.  Size S.

Neo-Refinement Pullover

I really liked this dress on Kim from Anthroholic, but I think it's just meh on me.  I tried it on in a S, though I could have worn a XS, but I didn't love it enough to bother.  I think I would've liked the red/orange version they made but they didn't have it in store.

Land of Springs Dress

Want, want, want, I love this dress if you can't tell from my expression in the 2nd picture!  I would have bought it except for the $158 price tag (sigh).  I tried it on in a 2 which fit great in the bust and the length hit just at the floor with flats on.  It came with optional straps but I'm partial to the strapless look.  The dress also has two attached waist ties that you can wrap around and either tie in the front or back...I opted for the back.  I'm really considering going back and picking this up.  The only thing I'm torn about is how much wear I would get out of it. 

Cultivated Maxi Dress

This tunic looked cute on the hanger, it looked like poo on me.  LOL!  This thing is huge!   If the fabric had been more substantial this would be a cute dress, but it is very sheer.  Tried on a XS.

Truth in Art Tunic

Another one of those pieces that I thought looked cute on hanger.  I was trying to match the top I bought (see above) and I thought the colors would work together.  The colors worked, but I just didn't like the skirt.  This was a 4 because it was the smallest size they had,  definitely could have fit in my typical 2 in this skirt.  I know it is possible that I might have liked this skirt more if I had the correct size and I wasn't wearing Toms.  Don't get me wrong I love my Toms but as for style appeal...minimal.

Plaited Brushstrokes Skirt

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