Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fantastic Field Skirt Outfit!

It's been a bit since I posted what I am wearing today.  I'm not the best at time management.  I allow myself just enough time to shower, get ready and go...who has time to break out the camera?  Today I managed to take a quick picture of my outfit sans shoes.  I'm not sure why the picture came out so orange...perhaps it is the relection off the orange coverlet, my orange walls and the orange in the skirt. LOL!

  • The Limited shirt
  • Anthropologie Crossroads Belt in navy motif (P/S)
  • Anthropologie Fantastic Field Skirt (2)
  • No shoes at the time :)


  1. Hi - we seem to have similar measurements. May I ask what size you took the fantastic field skirt in? I am trying to grab one for myself!

  2. Thanks so much. I got it in a size 2!


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