Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Name Game

Since falling in love with Anthropologie, I've developed a problem.  I MUST know the name of each particular piece of clothing that I buy.  I found these really cute pants (I think) at Anthro for a deep discount (maybe there is a reason for that) and I took them home with me.  Now, the problem that I had with my purchase was not knowing the "name" of the pants.  The Fluffy Top, the Pleated Trouser...still no, so I went through pages and pages of Effortless Anthropologie (EA) because I knew somewhere in there was a sale listing and these pants were on that list.  I looked through 25-30 pages and I finally found them, yippy, I felt better after finding out the name than I did when I admired them in the dressing room.  Now, I have to figure out the name of the top...sigh.

Here they are...The Board Room Trouser! 

  • Anthropoloige ? top
  • Merona caridgan
  • Anthropologie Board Room Trouser
  • Seychelles Woodpeck Pump

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